Regulating Council

The Regulating Council of the Denominació d'Origen was founded in 1960. Viticulture began to have a big importance in the Penedès, some enterprises were begin stablished which elaborated and bottled their wines in their own properties, and they started to commercialyze them. It provoked the creation of the Penedès Denominació d'Origen: this fundation wanted simply the acknowledgement to very concrete type of product, and also, offering to the consumer a guarantee of a determinate zonal quality.

Currently the Regulating Council has five thousand wine producers in its files, two hundred and seventy cellars and one hundred and forty companies dedicated to ageing and explorts. This rates suppose a production every year between 1,5 million and 2 million hectolitres of wine.

The Denominació d'Origen secures some concrete varieties of grape, this tye of wine cannot be made with any variation. It must follow the protocols of elaboration, and with vineyards located in a voluntary way into the natural region.

All this rules have provoked the creation of a wine that consumer recognizes with the name of Penedès, which tutelaries the Regulating Council of the Denominació d'Origen, as a guarantee of a determinate quality.

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