The people

More than just a land with a millenary viticultural tradition, the Penedès represents a winemaking world, where the men and women understand their profession as an art and a commitment.

Distinguishing characteristics

The culture, the character of its inhabitants and its history all make the Penedès a reflection of the little pleasures in life that should be enjoyed to the full. The ideas and the constant search for perfection are the keys that have guided Penedès’ winemakers in their efforts.

Generation after generation, the men and women of the Penedès have passed on their love for the vine and its fruit: from the knowledge of traditional winemaking methods to the use of new resources and new technologies. After a long and not always easy journey, today the wines of the Penedès are known, respected and enjoyed around the world.

A festival of the senses in a glass

A glass of Penedès wine enables you to taste a small part of this land, its art, culture, knowledge and tradition. It evokes the feelings and the personality of the people of the Penedès.

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