Emotions beyond wine

Privileged position

Over the centuries, the Penedès has been a crossroads. Different peoples and civilizations have left remains that today make up its historic and cultural heritage. At the same time the specific geographical position of the Penedès - between the sea and the mountains - make the countryside warm and mild, welcoming and full of Mediterranean light.


Step by step, tasting by tasting... wine requires patience, sensitivity, taste... time! Above all it requires the enthusiasm to discover the world that surrounds it. Through growers, producers and other professionals, the Penedès offers a wide variety of activities to begin this journey of tastes and sensations: gastronomy, leisure, architecture, art, museums, festivals...
The Penedès, emotions beyond wine.

Wine Tourism

Follow the aromas of our land, discover the hidden corners, the country lifestyle, the countryside, the people, the traditions and the cuisine of a land full of tastes and sensations. We open the doors of our cellars for guided tours, tastings, to try our traditional dishes... Activities where emotion, tradition and taste blend.


The human footprint of thousands of years has left a rich heritage of the civilizations and cultures that have inhabited
this land.

The human footprint

To stroll through the DO Penedès is also to discover the testimony of ancient cultures like the Iberians or Romans, the Romanesque churches and hermitages in the villages or alone in the countryside, or the great religious and civil gothic buildings of the towns. The agricultural renaissance of the 17th Century saw the farmhouses become economic and social focal points that has left admirable constructions to this day. From the second half of the 19th Century, the favorable repercussions of the phylloxera crisis, new exports, capital injections from colonial entrepreneurs and the European nationalist movement gave rise to the cultural and creative renaissance of the Modernist movement.

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